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KONKORD GROUP is the leading wind developer in the Crimea. The company founded in 2005 is represented by the industry professionals with unmatched local and international experience.

The company's mission is to set up reliable, environmentally sound generation of electricity in the Crimea.

The company activities aim at increasing living and ecological standards in the region through the use of the local renewable energy sources. The company focuses on development and implementation of the high return, environmentally friendly wind technologies in the energy sector of the Crimea.

KONKORD GROUP activity includes all types of design work from site selection and design of the plant to obtaining a building permit:

• Site selection and wind measurement campaign;
• Collection and processing wind data obtained during the annual wind measurement campaign;
• Energy yield assessment;
• Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in conformity with international standards;
• Project related technical documentation development with its further approval by the relevant authorities;
• Technical documentation on joint implementation projects under the Kyoto Protocol.

KONKORD GROUP is the first company in the Crimea who launched certified on-site wind measurements (in 2008) in cooperation with leading European experts.

KONKORD GROUP has been implementing several wind projects in the eastern part of the Crimea (the Kerch peninsula) totaling 420 MW.

KONKORD GROUP has practical experience in project development and implementation in accordance with international wind standards The Company maintains friendly partnerships with leading global wind turbine manufacturers.

KONKORD GROUP is a founding member of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association (UWEA) and a full member of the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA).

26 | 12 | 2011 On December 26, 2011 , the company “Konkord Group-Sivashskaya Wind Farm” received Building Permit for its wind project “180 MW Konkord Group-Sivashskaya Wind Farm”. The issuance of the Building Permit now allows the project to move into construction phase. 15 | 12 | 2011 On December 14, 2011 Building Permit was issued for project “100 MW Konkord Group-Kazantipskaya Wind Farm” being developed by the company “Konkord Group-Kazantipskaya Wind Farm”. The issuance of the Building Permit now allows the project to move into construction phase. 04 | 05 | 2011 By its Order ¹ 227-ð dd. 26.04.2010 Sovetskaya District State Administration approved Town Planning Justification for location of wind farm with the capacity of 100 MW on the territory of Dmitrovskiy village council, Sovetskiy district, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea; approximate area is 100 hectares. The customer is Konkord Group – Sivashskaya Wind Farm 2 Ltd.