The wind projects by Konkord Group are at the ready-for-construction stage.

Projects being implemented by Konkord Group have been designated "social important projects for the region" by the regional and local authorities.

Certified annual on-site wind measurements have been conducted in accordance with international standards.

Energy yield assessments for certain wind turbines have been done.

Project feasibility studies have been conducted; technical specifications for grid connection have been obtained.

Annual and/or seasonal on-site researches and studies on assessment of the current status of ornithological and herpetological fauna; flora and vegetation, and mammals have been conducted.

Public hearings devoted to the wind projects including public presentation of the projects have been organized in the region; local communities support the wind development in the region.

The projects successfully passed the State ecological expertise.

Land lease agreements to construct and operate wind farms for 49 year period have been concluded.

Negotiations with the world leading wind manufacturers for the supply of wind turbines have been held.

Declarations on Commencement of construction works have been registered with the Crimean Architectural and Construction Inspection.



26 | 12 | 2011 On December 26, 2011 , the company “Konkord Group-Sivashskaya Wind Farm” received Building Permit for its wind project “180 MW Konkord Group-Sivashskaya Wind Farm”. The issuance of the Building Permit now allows the project to move into construction phase. 15 | 12 | 2011 On December 14, 2011 Building Permit was issued for project “100 MW Konkord Group-Kazantipskaya Wind Farm” being developed by the company “Konkord Group-Kazantipskaya Wind Farm”. The issuance of the Building Permit now allows the project to move into construction phase. 04 | 05 | 2011 By its Order ¹ 227-ð dd. 26.04.2010 Sovetskaya District State Administration approved Town Planning Justification for location of wind farm with the capacity of 100 MW on the territory of Dmitrovskiy village council, Sovetskiy district, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea; approximate area is 100 hectares. The customer is Konkord Group – Sivashskaya Wind Farm 2 Ltd.